About Inclusivo

Inclusivo is a Technology-driven Environmental Consultancy. We provide consultancy, products, solutions, and anything in-between based on hard facts in order to address environmental issues for enterprises, startups, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to assist our partners in their transformation in adopting sustainable practices. We believe in the concept of strategic sustainability; where you can contribute to the environment as well as to your company’s economy.

Founding Partners

Inclusivo was born from the minds of Madani Berkelanjutan; a non-governmental organization specializing in environmental issues, KVB Group; an Indonesian-based consulting and venture building company, and HartLogic; an entrepreneurship platform who has an expertise in the technology-driven business.

Our Team

Giorgio Budi Indarto – CEO and Co-Founder Inclusivo

Giorgio Budi Indrarto, or as his friends call him “Jojo,” has been active in the climate change, forest, and environmental juridical forum since 2000. His experience includes serving as the coordinator of civil society forum, as a writer for REDD+, and as the national advisor for REDD+ for Rainforest Foundation Norway (RFN). Since 2016, Jojo has joined the International Winrock as the Vice Project Director of Aliansi Sawit Lestari Indonesia (ASLI)

Bernhart Farras – Advisor Inclusivo

Dian Noeh – Advisor and Co-Founder Inclusivo

Dian is a board member of two foundations focusing on the environment; Leuser Foundation International and International Animal Rescue in Indonesia. Dian has been mentoring startups in the past at Jakarta Founder Institute, Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia, as well as Plug and Play Indonesia. Having worked at global communication frms and global fnancial frms, Dian founded KVB in November 2011 by the name of Kennedy, Voice & Berliner. Dian has been evolving KVB, from a public relations consultancy, into today as a consulting and venture building company.

Orvin Hatmosroyo – Co-Founder Inclusivo